Friday, March 20, 2009

Fat Necked Girl, Let Me Count Your Neck Rings

I need a hat.  Not just any hat I need a large go to the Kentucky Derby hat.  I am not going to the Derby, but I am heading to the fairgrounds here in New Orleans.  This should be big fun.  I'm getting together with my Muses float members on Sunday.  The fourth race of the day will be named for us and we have a reserved party room and buffet.  It's been a while since I played the ponies.  I'm excited.  I already have my dress picked out and matching shoes now I need the hat.  I was supposed to have gottten the hat 2 weeks ago and decorated it.  I have to do it all tomorrow.  My dress is pretty cute.  The print is zebra stripe but in brown and khaki or brown and cream.  So it looks more safari than zebra.  I like it.  I'll keep you posted on how it comes out.
In a totally unrelated but mad funny topic. I watched 30 Rock last night and heard my new most favorite song lyric ever.  Tracey Morgan sang it last night. It went something like this "Fat necked girl, let me count your neck rings!"  OMG I choked because I was laughing so hard.  So that has been in my head all day today.  On the way to the cafeteria I was behind a man with sausage rolls behind his head that made me convulse in giggles once again.  Ahh.. this week has been very crappy but these two things brightened my day considerably.  So when you find yourself having a hard time or horrendus day and need a little pick me up.  Quietly hum "fat necked girl, let me count your neck rings" and I guarantee you will feel better.  Another tactic is to watch people interacting in public and imagine them singing that to each other.  I'm giggling as I write this.

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